“I’ve got a great idea for a screenplay!”

Do you know how many times I’ve heard that line? If I had a dollar for each time someone said they have a great script I’d have my dream house in Malibu. Okay, maybe a bungalow in Echo Park.

We know the odds. Most screenplay ideas will never be written, let alone produced. And it’s not because of a lack of talent. It's the lack of knowing how to get from the script idea stage to the first draft and beyond.

And it’s the “beyond” part that is most crucial. Yes, it’s a great accomplishment to write the first draft of anything. But it’s knowing what to do with it once you type “Fade Out” on your great Hollywood screenplay

That’s where I come in. My name is Michael Barmish. I’ve written screenplays, plays, and authored a book. I’ve sat in Hollywood production offices as the writer on projects. I took notes, absorbed, deciphered, and rewrote. Along the way, I became an executive with Final Draft, still the industry’s choice for screenplay software.

And then I did something crazy. I moved out of L.A. Right now, I am in Berlin, Germany. Who knows where I’ll be next. Hence, the Script Nomad. But leaving the bubble that is Los Angeles has given me a more global perspective on writing. And today, writing and filmmaking is more global than ever. That gives me an advantage. Check that. It gives you an advantage.

So let’s talk about writing–whether it’s writing on a project or offering you critique on yours. In person. Via Skype. From anywhere in the world. It’s a great idea, isn’t it!

Contact me or hit me up on social media.



Feedback and analysis of your treatment (max. 25 pages).


Comprehensive feedback and analysis that will take your screenplay to the next level!


In addition to the standard critique, I will add notes in your screenplay for more detailed feedback.

COACHING - €125*/hr

One hour coaching lessons either in-person or via Skype to help structure and guide you as you write your script. I'll guide you through detailed character analysis, structure, tone, and more!
For other services, such as script writing, polishing English translations, consultations, group classes, Final Draft software lessons, etc., contact me directly.

*plus VAT, where applicable

Screenwriting Minutes - My YouTube Channel

Learn Screenwriting from The Script Nomad in 60 second lessons. Here is a sample of my videos. For more, go to My YouTube Channel.


Michael gave me excellent feedback on my script which pointed out in detail key weaknesses in the structure and characters in my story. He also caught a range of more minor issues, from formatting to spelling to basic logic. His specific feedback on a few major weak areas was crucial to me redrafting my screenplay at a stage where I was just about to show it to producers. My script had already been reviewed by other consultants, and Michael’s comments therefore caught a few blind spots which hadn’t been spotted already. I also appreciated Michael’s professionalism and honesty and I’ve used all his input to deliver a screenplay that I am now proud of.

Enda B.

Michael's feedback was thorough and articulate, and I will definitely be moving forward into my second draft with his notes in mind. I would definitely recommend having Michael read any script before turning it in!

Eydie F.

My understanding and writing skills have really grown and I'm really excited about writing...Michael has excellent instincts and a fun approach to writing and coaching. I think Michael should write his own book on screenwriting.

Leanne R.

" loved getting constructive, helpful feedback in a safe and friendly environment. Michael really helped me develop my story.

Mark S.


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